Welcome to the Virophysics group

Welcome to the Virophysics group in the Department of Physics at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Research in the virophysics group focuses on applying computational and mathematical modelling techniques commonly used in Physics to solving important problems in Virology, Immunology, and beyond. The Virophysics group is not an experimental group. The data used in our research is gathered elsewhere and obtained through our collaborators or through the literature.

The actual models, which range from simple ordinary differential equation systems to elaborate agent-based computer models, are typically implemented in C, python, or Octave. Members of the Virophysics group have/acquire good mathematical and programming skills, and a rigorous and in-depth understanding of the systems they are modelling.

If you are interested in joining the Virophysics group, check out the positions currently available within the group.

If you would like to know what the Virophysics group has been up to these days, check out our research page, our publications, and the media blurbs below.

Media blurbs and talks by/about phymbie group members & their research

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