Employment opportunities within the Virophysics group

Jobs for which I currently have funding will be posted here. Check back often for updates.

In general

Type of work: Work within the Virophysics group currently consists in constructing mathematical and computer models describing the course of a viral infection within a host (in vivo) or a cell culture (in vitro). The models are validated or applied by fitting them to experimental infection data (e.g., daily virus concentration levels collected over the course of the infection) using nonlinear least square regression methods. Note that these are NOT experimental projects: the data used in our research is gathered elsewhere by our collaborators or is taken from the literature.

Skills required: Students and fellows should possess programming skills in python, C or Octave/Matlab, already be familiar with or willing to learn the typesetting language LaTeX, be comfortable with a Linux operating system, and have experience in implementing and solving ordinary and partial differential equation systems or cellular automata/agent-based systems.

More info: If you meet these criteria and would like to learn more about the type of research conducted within our group, please visit the publications and research sections of the website. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me at . Note that even if the position you are looking for is not currently being advertised, if you are highly qualified and interested you should still contact me: we can maybe work something out.

How to apply: Send your CV (in PDF format) along with the reasons for your interest in working in this area (in PDF format or in the body of the email) via email to .

Positions possibly available

  • Postdoctoral fellow position
    Ideal candidates will hold a PhD in Physics (computational, quantum, particle, theoretical) or Applied Mathematics, possess a solid command of programming (python, octave and/or C), and have excellent written English skills. No experience with bio/virology required or expected.

  • Graduate (MSc and PhD) student positions
    For more information about the Physics graduate programme in Complex Systems (M.Sc. and Ph.D.), please visit the website. Note that I can also supervise M.Sc. and Ph.D. students through other Science graduate programmes (see list here). If you would like to register in a different MSc or PhD programme at Ryerson, please contact me and we can find out if a co-supervision through the Department of your choice can be arranged, within reason.

  • Undergraduate reseach assistant positions
    If your cummulative GPA is above 3.50/4.33 and you are interested in the research being conducted in our group, please first try out the bootcamp. If you enjoyed it and feel you are good at this sort of stuff, please contact me to enquire about possible undergraduate research assistantship positions available within our group. You should also be sure to consider applying for an NSERC USRA NSERC USRA around January of each year. The exact deadline at which the application is due each year will be posted here along with details of any additional documentation that might be required.

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