PHYS 699:
Introduction to Mathematical Modelling of the Immune System
(Fall 2002)

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Under the supervision of:

Dr. Jack Tuszynski 492-3579
Dr. John Samuel 492-7469


Final report: immuno.pdf


December 19, 2002 Reading since last course:
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November 15, 2002 This was the last official meeting for the reading class. It was decided that the time had come to start writing up the final report. Other meetings can be arranged if needed by Dr. Samuel, Dr. Tuszynski or I. Additional reading may get posted if I see that I require more information about a particular subject.
November 8, 2002 Assigned reading:
  1. M. V. Voitikova, "Cellular automaton model for immunology of tumor growth", arXiv:comp-gas/9811001, (1998).

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October 25, 2002 Assigned reading:
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October 16, 2002 Assigned reading:
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October 10, 2002 Research CA articles of the immune system, particularily by Seiden and Celada. The goal now will be to investigate the IMMSIM (see link below) in order to later be able to elaborate a more specific model based on it.
Assigned reading:
  1. P. E. Seiden and F. Celada, "A Model for Simulating Cognate Recognition and Response in the Immune System", J. Theor. Biology. 158, 329 (1992).

  2. F. Celada and P. E. Seiden, "A Computer Model of Cellular Interactions in the Immune System", Immunol. Today 13, 56 (1992).
Note: the Immunology class starts this Friday and will be on MWF 1pm to 1:50pm, DP 4114 from October 18 to 25.
October 3, 2002 Assigned reading:
September 27, 2002 Assigned reading:

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